BWCC Zwift Club

Welcome to our Virtual Riding Onboaring Guide


All of our rides are designed for anyone to join regardless of your Zwift category or riding ability. There is a place for everyone on the ride and motivation not to hop off when the going gets tough!

New to Zwift? See our Onboarding Guide to get set up and ready to get those Ride Ons!
For Zwift advice, connect with David Hopkins [BWCC] and Tom Heywood [BWCC] through the Zwift Companion App. Our Zwift rides may slow down from Spring to Autumn while we're all riding outdoors more but during the winter months get involved and have some fun!

Want to brighten up your Pain Cave? Download our Zwift Club Poster, print it off, and stick it on the wall!

BWCC Zwift Club - Ride list

We have rides on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays (subject to availability)


It’s Monday, it’s 7.20, it must be race night! Regular race night until the weather improves. Race for individual points and for the team in your own category. TFC uses more categories than other Zwift races which makes for more competitive racing. You must have a Zwift Power account and join our team to race. Vist Team TFC for more information on the race series.

Ride time: 7.20pm
  • This is a race - it's all out effort
  • Various lengths and courses over 12 weeks from the 28th February

'Tuesday Game Day'

This ride is a social badge hunt. We may use an event or set up a club event. This ride is for your own pace and one to recover from the race night and stay social.

Ride time: 7.15pm - 7.50pm (depending on event time)
  • Social ride
  • Badge hunt events or club events
  • Keep together mode is ON for club events

'Thursday Throwdown' - Chain Gang or Hill Climb challenge

Can you hang on longer? A great way to train and put yourself up against any rider in the club or your own PB. Using the Donny Chain Gang Zwift event or an iconic Zwift climb, you can race yourself or a club member until one of you snaps.

We chat in Discord but feel free to stick the tunes on and throw down your challenge to the others. Get a PB or settle a score.

  • Race your club mates!
  • Generally 1 hour in length (but the racing will be over the climb length)
  • Keep together mode is OFF

'Friday Fast and Furious' (depending on availability)

A short high intensity interval training blast, designed for optimal performance for Zwift racing and power progression. This ride is on keep together mode and will use a Zwift workout.

Real Life Replacement Rides

In the event of the club outdoor rides being cancelled, there may be a replacement Zwift ride advertised through the Discord App if there is enough interest. This can be set up by any member of the Zwift racing group. Time and duration is decided by the group. There will not be a Zwift ride when an outdoor ride is on.

How do I join a BWCC Zwift Ride?

This handy 7 step guide will help you get set up to join the world of BWCC Zwifting.

Step 1: Get on Discord

Discord LogoDiscord is where it all happens. Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that's used by tens of millions of people to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. It's what we use to chat with each other while riding Zwift, share information on the rides, get technical help and chat the in race talk channel.
Click here to access the BWCC Discord Channel

Step 2: Get a Smart Trainer

Smart trainers come in all different guises. Life Cycles stocks a variety of trainers suitable for different budgets and set ups. There are also smart bikes available. Visit the shop or chat to the group to help find the best trainer for you.
Click here for your Smart Trainer requirements.

Step 3: Get Zwift

Zwift App

Zwift costs £12.99 each month as a subscription service and it can be cancelled at any time if not being used (in the summer months for example). There is also a 7 day free trial to get a feel for it. When signing up to Zwift, remember to put [BWCC] after your name so that we can see you're part of the club, follow you and give you a RIDE ON!
Click here to access Zwift.

Step 4: Download the Zwift Companion App and follow us on Zwift

Zwift Companion App

Zwift Companion App is where you book your rides and find your friends. To be able to create meetups, you need to follow us on Zwift. David Hopkins and Tom Heywood create the rides. So until links to join rides are developed by Zwift, this is how you do it.

Step 5: Create a Zwift power account and join BWCC

Zwift Power

Zwift power is where the real results are taken from. When you start racing, you need a Zwift Power account. Once connected, you will then get your race category when you complete races.
Races of around 40 - 50 minutes will give you an accurate category. Shorter races can put you in a higher category than you are. Go to the Teams tab in Zwift Power, search for BWCC and request to join.
Click here to view some really useful set up tips.

Step 6: Zwift Insider

If you get stuck, Zwift insider has everything you need with guides to get set up, training tips, course profiles and tips and tricks.
Click here to access Zwift Insider.

Step 7: Have Fun!

Once set up (trust us, it's worth it), Zwift is an excellent way of staying connected, keeping fit and most of all having fun. There are lots of challenges, workouts, races and meet up rides to suit everyone. If you are having trouble getting set up, just drop us a line in Discord and everyone will help you.

We look forward to seeing you with us on Zwift soon!